Android App for *Permanent* Light While Photographing?

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Android App for *Permanent* Light While Photographing?

Hello, some stock camera apps offer the usual flashlight, but not a *permanent* light while photographing. And they don't allow parallel use of camera app and torchlight.

So I wondered if there are Android apps creating a permanent light while the camera app is active. I searched the Play Store and found only very dubious stuff, but maybe I didn't search efficiently.

Do YOU know something from personal experience? I'd pay for that app.

All I need is permanent light and stock camera app at the same time. Of course it would be great if the add-on camera light app could

  • vary brightness
  • vary angle
  • vary colour temperatue
  • produce burst flash series

And it should best be usable from within the camera app.

If somesuch doesn't exist – where could I ask programmers to make it? I am an end-user and don't even want to "root" the phone or do other experimental stuff.

As a last resort, one could try a 3rd party full camera app that allows permanent light instead of flash. But I'm wary if 3rd party camera apps support all 3 or 4 cameras of a flagship phone, RAW, Multishot-RAW etc.

Thanks for all real-life experiences!

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PS. According to my research and a few tests, these Android flagship phones do NOT allow camera app with permanent light:

  • Samsung
  • Google

According to my research and a few tests, these Android flagship phones DO have a camera app with permanent light:

  • Xiaomi
  • Vivo
  • Huawei (2019 model with full Android)

Xiaomi also has 2 flash modes, one is fill-in, which works very nicely and inobtrusively without a "flash" look, yet with visible foreground improvement. Not sure why other makers don't deliver a more varied flash function – it could be one advantage over system cameras, and not only food bloggers, smaller beauty bloggers etc. etc. would love it. For personal reasons, an Apple phone is not considered, no vex.

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