Adding more Continous Lighting in studio - more of the same?

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Adding more Continous Lighting in studio - more of the same?

hi there, i do in-house product photography for my wife's brand and currently have a strobe setup in my studio. It's pretty much purpose built for what I do - white background e-com with some lifestyle shots.

doing a bit more video now with the mirrorless and also starting to do social media stuff with phones so want a better lit space where phones footage will look OK (it's too dark at the moment for phones)!

I want to create provide a errr....luminous space - a simple and well illuminated with soft lighting that will work for products and people. I just want to flick a switch and start filming with either the mirrorless or phone - not mess with stands/arranging the lighting each time.

here's the current space, most lights are mounted above, with one key light at front/fill the side. :

setup for lifestyle/demos - stills (have a bunch of strobes, most bouncing off the ceiling) and video - the 2 x Godox VL-150/200

Currently I've got a Godox VL-150 and VL-200 but from some testing I need about 50% more light to get the level of light I need.

My KISS approach would be to use 4 x Godox VL-150s from above (similar to how I've got this rigged in yellow) and use the Godox VL-200 as a key light. May add a fill light if needed, but I may not need it/may complicate it if I have multiple people in the shot in differnt postions (standing/lying etc).

testing this setup with a godox VL-200 with no modifer with a white sheet for diffusion. the other lights pictured are strobes or cheapy continous globes I was trialling (150W bulbs, not enough light)

I don't see a need for RGB, and while Nanlite FS series is better bang for buck but lacks the controls and the colour may be slightly different.

Any reason NOT pursue this approach and purchase another 3 Godox VL-150's for this setup? Anything else I should be considering - it terms of design OR light type?

thanks for any feedback!

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