Lots of Herons Fishing & Flying, Ducks, Mating Moorhens (8/14/22)

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Lots of Herons Fishing & Flying, Ducks, Mating Moorhens (8/14/22)

Continuing from my last post, the following are from March 19, a lovely day with lots to photograph.  As with the last set, these were all shot with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G OSS lens, handheld, and are all posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

Very close up portrait of a great blue heron on the hunt

A lovely tricolored heron, sitting up on a root over the water - looking for some fish close to the surface

And the tricolored heron landing on another root, with a fresh fish catch in his bill

This snowy egret was all colored up in reds for breeding, and was fanning out all his feathers while performing a mating display - to attract a nearby lady

A male boat-tailed grackle, showing off some iridescent sheen in the sun

A quintet of black-bellied whistling ducks flying my way, in the clear blue skies

A super-common duck in a super-uncommon place - in all the years in these wetlands, I've never seen Muscovy ducks there - until this day.  Not sure why Muscovys decided to come hang out - they're usually in community ponds, golf course ponds, etc.  This is a female Muscovy

A tricolored heron, standing back at its nest spot, and resting on one leg

Along the levees, there are sprinklers in case of drought, to keep the wetlands foliage growing.  This lovely male palm warbler in breeding colors seemed very interested to know what brand of sprinkler head they were using

That female Muscovy duck wasn't alone - about 20 feet away down the levee, the big male duck was hanging out too

And speaking of ducks, this lovely one-legged lady has been in many of my posts lately - the northern shoveler that hung around longer than I can ever remember one occupying our wetland - 5 months.

A great blue heron flying past in the clear blue sky

And if you have a great blue heron, you must also have a little blue heron.  And here it is, flying by with that bright blue bill for breeding plumage

That wasn't the only color choice for flying herons on this day - a green heron also decided to make a flying pass

A pair of common gallinules, aka moorhens, choosing each other to mate - the bowing of the head was a sign of acceptance and they paired up and wandered off into the foliage together to make 'more'hens!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed and encouraged!

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