Filter recommendations for Fujinon GF lenses?

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Re: Filter recommendations for Fujinon GF lenses?

JimKasson wrote:

highdesertmesa wrote:

Of the protective filters I've used over the years on GF and other lenses (Canon RF, Leica M):

Breakthrough – Top quality. Never buy from their "official" Amazon store. I got two filters in a row that had been replaced – one was a fake and another was a different brand filter entirely. Always order direct from their website, and you may have to wait months for some filters types and sizes to come back into stock.

The knurling on the Breakthrough filters is also a cut above that on others. It's much easier to get leverage on the Breakthrough filters.

No problem using them with Fujinon gf lens hoods?

Zeiss T* UV – same quality as breakthrough but with aluminum rings instead of brass. I prefer brass, but I like the T* coating so I use them almost exclusively

I've used them, and I like coating, but if Breakthrough doesn't make what I'm loking for, I prefer Heliopan.

I’ll check out the Heliopan protective lenses, and their linear polarizers. Thanks for the info.

B+W MRC Nano – I stopped using these as I confirmed that for some lenses they could have a negative impact on corner performance versus no filter or versus the Zeiss T* UV filter. These were genuine B+W filters from Adorama and B&H purchased over different time periods, so I ruled out it being a bad batch. I have no idea why – perhaps the nano coating can do strange things to the light ray angles with some lenses. I doubt it's because of the glass quality itself. In any case, I stopped using them completely as I didn't want to have to test every lens with them.

Leica UV – Not that any sane person would use these, but since I'm not sane, I've bought them for my Leica M lenses before. They use aluminum rings that can get easily stuck/jammed (versus Zeiss UV's aluminum rings which just tend to never get super tight). I have had these negatively impact corner performance on some Leica M lenses.

Like others, I have to use protective filters due to the environments I shoot in.

For polarization for digital cameras, I use Heliopan linear polarizers.

Me, too.

No need to use circular polarizers and have to deal with the strange angles of darkening you can get. With a linear filter, you simply are dialing in the strength of the effect by rotating the filter.

I use mostly Heliopan IR filters.

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