Manual Focus and Magnification on Z Cameras

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Ernie Misner wrote:

BaldEgo wrote:

third son wrote:

I don't think there is. I have the top front button configured for magnification. That way I can hit it again quickly when I need to go back to normal. I wish there was a way to automatically magnify when the manual focus override is enabled. That is a nice functionality that Fuji has.

Thanks. That's how I've been invoking the focus magnification as well. Just thought I'd check to see if I've been overlooking a setting somewhere.

Same here except that I use Fn1 for image review and Fn2 for 100% zoom. It can be confusing not being able to reset the zoom by hitting the shutter button, because when reviewing an image and hitting the center OK button the image zooms to 100%, BUT in that case hitting the shutter button actually does something (gets out of image review and zoom both anyway).

Thanks Ernie. I had used the Fn2 as you’ve described it for awhile but changed the magnification option to the AF button because I found it easier to press the AF button on top when I was doing low angle shots with the rear screen flipped out. Your response, however, has me thinking that I might set up a custom user setting for strictly MF shooting with legacy lenses and assign magnification to both the AF and Fn2 buttons.

BTW,  I love NIkon’s implementation of the focus point check on the centre OK button which is so elegant compared to the other systems I’ve used.

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