Manual Focus and Magnification on Z Cameras

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Re: Manual Focus and Magnification on Z Cameras

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I think i know the answer to this question but thought I'd check.

Is there any way on Z cameras to magnify focus and then half-press the shutter button to return to normal view before taking a shot? I've set up the AF button on my Z7ii to magnify my image but it doesn't return to normal view when pressing the shutter button which means I have to press the AF button again to return to normal view. On Fuji and Sony cameras, I can half-press the shutter and it drops me back to the normal view. It may seem like a small thing but once you get used to the automatic return to normal, it becomes frustrating when it doesn't, especially in MF mode.

When in AF-C mode you may want to confirm focus while magnified - I do that quite frequently. If pressing the shutter switched back to normal magnification that would not work.

As I have said to others when they express frustration after moving from other systems, it’s better to take the attitude that you must learn to adapt to how the manufacturer designed what you are using today rather than wishing today’s thing was the same as you were used to from yesterday. After all, there was a deficiency, or desired feature, that caused you to move and presumably you didn’t think everything but that deficiency would be the same …

Actually, I've been using Z cameras since they first came out so I'm well aware of the many strengths of the system and have learned "to adapt" in many ways. My question was directed more at how to get the most out of the system, not pining for it to be like others.

Ah. Your question didn’t indicate you are an experienced Z-system user.

It was irrelevant to the question.

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