Big problem with selling my RX100IV on Ebay (item swapped)

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Big problem with selling my RX100IV on Ebay (item swapped)

Hi, I have had a very unfortunate issue selling my RX100IV on Ebay in UK.

Not sure if anyone else had had anything similar happen and can offer any advice?

I sold the camera with a few accessories for £365, so i was due to receive £318
I posted it next day delivery and insured it for the price it sold for (probably a bit naive, i should have really insured it for the total value of the camera).

The delivery was scheduled with Evri via Packlink through the Ebay site .

The day that it should have been delivered, there was no update on the tracking, i left things this day thinking maybe they are just really busy etc.

The day after there was still no update, so i tried to contact Evri, but they seem to make it extremely difficult to speak to a human, i ended up having to go through packlink to speak to someone and even then, it was only via live chat.

I was told they would contact Evri and try and chase it up for me, i then got an email the next day saying the parcel is in the network and will be delivered within 72 hours. The tracking had then updated to on way to buyer’s local hub.

I let the buyer know about what had been said and it turns out he received it yesterday morning.

He then sent me a message on ebay saying I have sent him a playstation game, and seem to have made a mistake.
He then sent me some pictures after i said i have definitely not sent you a ps game.

The picture was the parcel bag i used with the label i printed in the drop off store, all the bubble wrap i used had been reused to wrap around this game, you could clearly see in the picture it was still sealed were you close it, but a slit had been made lower down and brown parcel tape had been used to cover this up, so does look like it's been swapped by someone.

The buyer has now requested a full refund, which obviously i would have to honour, i created my own incident with Ebay, but their response seems just be we can't prove anything so i will have to take it up with the currier, which i intend to now do (ebay had said don't yesterday stating they will investigate it all). but have emailed me today suggesting i not do file a claim with evri or packlink.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone?

I have a feeling the currier company will also just try and say, well they can't prove i didn't just post a game, and they have the parcel tracking stating the item has been delivered successfully so that’s it.

I obviously don't have any other way of proving my case apart from showing the ebay invoice and details and the fact the tracking was linked to that sale, but that doesn't prove that’s what i sent does it?

I obviously would have been happy with the money i was going to make from the sale, but because of what’s happened, should i be pushing for compensation in regards to the full value of the items? or would i only be covered to the insurance i paid for?

Can anyone offer any advice at all?



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