Aperture priority always defaults to F22?

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Re: Aperture priority always defaults to F22?

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Are you referring to "P mode"? If you change the aperture while in P mode it will turn the mode off. When you switch the lens back to manual, it will be in the same aperture as you changed to while the lens switch was in A. If you leave it in P mode when you switch it back to manual, it should keep the aperture you left it at prior to switching to P mode.

This was my expectation, and is how it behaves on older bodies. But switching from Program mode to Aperture priority does not recall the previous Aperture setting and always goes to F22.

Thanks for your explanation as I think I have a better understanding of your issue.

I just did a test with my XT30-II and 18-55.

I started in Aperture Priority, aperture set to f/5.6.

I switched the Aperture switch to the "A" position, camera selected f/2.8.

I moved the switch back to manual aperture control and it went back to f/5.6, not f/22.

Is this what you are experiencing differently?

Yes this is the sequence - but when I switch back to manual aperture control it always reverts to F22.

Thanks for your input, now I am more confident that there could be some setting that is causing this behavior in my camera.

Nope, full settings reset and the problem persists.

I wonder if it is a firmware bug? My X-T30ii is on the latest v1.12. @Robmas4229 what fw version is your body?

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