going on a trip...so laptop mostly only...nad zpaq, an incremental file archive program

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going on a trip...so laptop mostly only...nad zpaq, an incremental file archive program

I'm going on a trip in a bit, and my current setup has

my laptop, exrernal monitor/keyboard/mouse, and external drives...

so I needed to come up with a "laptop mostly only" setup...

the extrernal monitor/keyboard are easily left behind. I do like a real mouse, so I'm taking a wired mouse with me (to avoid any mouse interferance issues on the trip)

the external drives were setup to automate my backups, so I needed to do something,

since I plan to leave the exrernal drives (large capactiy, requires it's own power-bricks)

I need to replace tham with something small, protable, runs off usb power...

luckily I already had an unused 5 Terrabyte drive, small, rated for small drops (around 2 feet, if I remember)

what to do about the automated backups?

I decided on using "zpaq", it's an incrmental, journaling archive program. SImiliar to the many zip-type programs (7zip, peaZip, etc) however it was designed for incremental backups, witch the other zip programs don't supprt (that I could find- there are some posts about how to use them to createt exernal other zip files containing the previous versions, but it just seemed too ad-hoich for me

so the main folder I'm backing up is almost 2 Terrabytes of data.  All most nothing in it changes, mainl;y I add new files (videos, photos, etc)

here's some timing data:

to create the ".zpaq" file took around 4 hours, for the almost 2 Terrabytes of files

nothing to do...scans the input folder, compares it to the archive ".zpaq" file

this takes around 5-8 minutes. Very acceptable for me

adding new files (videos, photos, etc)...runs pretty quickly. After adding several files

it took around 15-30 minutes to add them

all very acceptable for me

does anybody have experience with zpaq? or other incremental archive-type programs?

so far I'm impressed with ".zpaq" but it's early days yet....

It's already proved itself once, when I did a laptop restart and didn't close "notepadd++" before...apparently theres some bug where under these conditions it can zero out the file...

I extracted the file from the ".zpaq" achive, and it worked great!!

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