Weird behaviour - a 35mm lens behaving like a 70mm in a new X-S10

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Weird behaviour - a 35mm lens behaving like a 70mm in a new X-S10

Greetings Everyone,

I was out today looking at fields of view from three lenses — 27/f2.8 wr, 35/f1.4 and 23/f2 in a new X-S10. The first photo, as below was with the 27. I then changed the lens to the 35 (leaving the power switch on), resulting in the second photo — however, the field of view is wrong — it looks more like perhaps a 70 mm short telephoto (or so). The third photo taken apparently 1 second later is also from the 35 but has the correct field of view. The last photo is from the 23. I do not recall taking two photos in quick succession with the 35, but I guess I may have done.

So how can a 35 mm prime give a telephoto field of view?

The only thing I can think of is that the camera did not recognise that I had changed the 27 mm lens for the 35 mm lens and thought (if cameras can think!) it was still the 27.

Could this result in the central part of the 35 mm field of view being used instead of the whole frame?

Is it likely to be bad contacts on the lens or body? I saw the same behaviour yesterday with the new 27 /f2.8 mounted, so it does not appear to be lens specific.

I will reset the camera to the factory defaults to see if this fixes it and will notify the shop I bought it from, in case it recurs.

Has anyone else ever seen behaviour like this? I presume it might help to turn the camera off between lens changes. Is this necessary with this camera? I have never done this with the E-3.

Please note that none of these photos are edited in any way (apart from down-sizeed) — all SOOC jpgs. They are fair dinkum as our Aussie mates would say.

Thanks for any comments.

27/f2.8. Time: 11:46:39

35/f1.4 Time: 11:47:27

35/f1.4 Time: 11:47:38

23/f2 Time: 11:48:23

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Alan Hogg,
Hamilton, New Zealand.

Olympus E-3
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