Photography as a soul therapy

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Re: Photography as a soul therapy

I purchased my GFX 50S on the same day that my mother died. Through the grief and guilt (I live in Canada and she lived in the UK) I was aware that I needed something to keep me connected/together. Reviving my earlier interest in photography was part of the solution.

Focusing on and working methodically at seeing and capturing photographs was a lifeline. I’m sure other art forms also offer therapy, but not all pursuits. Photography has that special blend of the technical and artistic in its creation, and its product is those captured fleeting moments in time which we know are gone as soon as the shutter has closed – for future enjoyment, as aids to memory, or even as tangible anchors in the turbulence and change around us.

My last photo of my mother was a selfie, taken on an iPhone, in the old folks home where she lived after my father died. It shows a little old lady, sitting slightly askew, hands folded. She was a force of nature, immensely accomplished, extremely knowledgeable; you’d never guess. But for those of us left behind, that simple photo brings it all crowding back.

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