Photography as a soul therapy

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Rob de Loe
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Re: Photography as a soul therapy

Photographs can be talismanic. My mother also has severe dementia, and also lives far away. I haven't been able to visit nearly enough to assuage my feelings of guilt and sadness. On each visit, I somewhat frantically make photographs, sometimes of her, and sometimes selfies of her and me, to prove something: that she was still alive and looked a tiny bit like the person I remember, or that I was there with her. Each time I look at the last image I made from that visit, I think, "This could be the last one."

Years from now I hope I will look at these photographs from the end of her life and be pleased that I was able to make them. But I fear they will just bring sadness. We'll see.

On a slightly less maudlin note, I've seen photography described as "shutter therapy". This makes sense to me. When we're deeply engaged in making photographs, we're (hopefully) not thinking about everything else. When I'm deeply engaged in making photographs, I'm usually in the woods. So I get the benefit of a focused mind and nature -- both of which can only be positive. Shutter therapy indeed.

Thanks for the thread Paul.

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