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Re: LED light

Rich Z wrote:

I didn't see that one, Charlotte, and I was looking for something waterproof. The light I bought is not.

Yours should be stronger. But I think this small one will do for me.

Are you going to show us your chili pictures? I hope. Rich

Nothing to show. Just snaps to show a friend that got some of my excess baby plants that mine have started to turn. They aren't even sharp. But of course, if you long to see them... Please note that they aren't a test of the light. Didn't even try.

Hot Lemon. Supposed to taste strongly of lemon. I may test it tomorrow already.

Black jalapeño. Turns from black to red when ripe. Milder than ordinary jalapeño.

Siberian House Pepper. Lots of small fruits on them, but none has turned red yet. They say it doesn't need much light and can continue to give fruit all winter.They grow it indoors in Sibiria, so they say anyway. We'll see. It's very neat and tidy anyway. Grows like a bush and have sturdy stems, almost woody.

Have you grown chili? First time for me and I'm not sure when to harvest. I suppose I should let them be a while after they have turned into the ripe colour.

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