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Re: Day Lilies from our gardens

19andrew47 wrote:

When I use a tripod I will let you know Charlotte! I use a monopod almost all the time for hockey, but I only have to carry it into the arena. After that it generally does not move off the floor.

My entire body is getting weaker by the day. Any time I do something physical I usually feel it afterward. I need to buy some light dumb bells and start working out my arms to try and maintain some muscle mass.

When you get your new camera we will only be photographically equally equipped Charlotte. With your strong leg muscles from cycling you would be able to spring away from me!

I hope you will be happy with your new purchase. the EM1ii was better than the EM1 in image quality. The OM1 I don't find much difference with in image quality compared to the EM1ii. The focusing ability is one another plain though. I think you will appreciate the improved image quality and focusing. There are lots of bells and whistles you don't have and those you may find fun to experiment with as well.

Yeah, I think it will be an improvement. And I'd want to take up birds and for that I think there's a big improvement. Just unlucky a got the text late a friday afternoon. But I should have the camera sometime next week. I like to talk to my special contact before I hit the button though. I always get a good rebate, but I suspect that won't happen this time since the body is in high demand. But maybe I can get some extra stuff.

If you can take tack sharp images with that lens  without any support I'd say you are pretty steady. I started to train my arms last year, to be able to handle the big lens. I found some exercises with a broom stick that was both very effective and less boring to do. I can see if I can find them on Youtube if you want. Mainly for the forearms though. I'll take those exercises up again soon. They were good for me for other reasons too. Hadn't been able to hold my cast iron pan with my left hand for years. Now I can.

My legs are strong only when cycling. I'm not a good walker. And a very slow cyclist.

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