The final straw

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The final straw


Fare well then my beloved,


I recall how much I longed for you and when you arrived at me doorstep - I freed you up, lifted your veil and sniffed your fresh perfume (mostly freshly printed instructions manual really),

To carcass your black leatherette skin body was the stuff of dreams….
To let me fingers hug every turn, every recess and every bump just filled me with ex-tasy or is it?! -

Baby -
How I dreamt of us together, hand in hand (or hand in grip dare I say!) - together, inseparable, walking through cities unseen, mountains unclimbed and virgin forests unmolested by those “others” with their, surely, inferior type of a machine - where I spun your dials and pushed your buttons and together - we shoot!!! ……
But Alas, you had to go - I grew tired of your “colourful” mood swings, your unfaithfulness and broken promises.
Then the last straw came - the last of many - and you just had to go.
I pray youll get much love in your new home and that , surely rough and untalented, other getting you for peanuts would treat you fraily (I have a horrible feeling he has big hands and thumb in particular).
Goodbye then my beloved - to be fair, tis never been your fault - tis been mine all along.

crop from son and wife at a wedding

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