Sigma 24mm f1.4 DG DN

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Re: Sigma 24mm f1.4 DG DN

I have the 24/2 C DG DN and it is an OK lens. The distortion correction doesn't work very well automatically in Lightroom. I have to manually correct the image in all photos where there should be straight lines.

24/2 is quite dark and often pushes me to 3200-6400+ territory. The lens sharpness from best to worst seems to be:

- 20/1.4 DG DN

- 24/2 DG DN

- 24/1.4 DG DN

- 20/1.4 & 24/1.4 HSM versions

So at full aperture the 24/1.4 DG DN would be a step down. Perhaps stopped down to f/2 they could be closer?

Anyways I don't like the 24/2 too much. 24/1.4 would be a nice upgrade regarding lens speed and distortion correction. My local shop says I'd have to pay 485€ to upgrade.

I paid 690€ for the 24/2 a year ago. Used lenses usually sell at 0.7x price so the used value is now around 480€. Add 485€ and you get to 965€. The 24/1.4 sells for 960€ new here so I guess the upgrade price would be reasonable.

I'd lose "only" 210€ for using the 24/2 lens for a year.

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