Advice on Commercial Photoshoot and Composite Pricing

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Re: by Annie Leibovitz

Maybe a better approach would have been to get a couple of quotes from local photogs who do this sort of work and see what they would charge. You could still do that and it would give you an idea of what this is worth on the open market in your area. You'll also get an idea of how local pros break out there estimates and help you not forget anything.

Is the company working with a graphic designer or is someone producing the job in house. You'll need to know what the deliverables are and what the specs are from the billboard company.

I don't know if that's a final images you posted, but I hope it's not as there are a couple of glaring issues with the two peeps just to the right of middle, who have no shadows to anchor them to whatever they're supposed to be sitting on. The rest of the image looks fine for this type of image and appears to take into account the required aspect ratio or at least I hope it is, as there are many different sized billboards out there.

My guess is that whatever you are contemplating charging, especially if it's based on your regular hourly wage, you're going to be undercharging by quite a bit.

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