Fujifilm X-S10 vs Nikon Z5 print quality

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Re: Fujifilm X-S10 vs Nikon Z5 print quality

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JayPhizzt wrote:

Both camera bodies have almost the same resolution so there won't be any difference.

Why do people assume this? That's not the way resolution works. Assuming same lens sharpness (measured in line pairs per mm) , a 24MP FF sensor will produce images approaching 50% sharper than a 24MP APS-C sensor.

Because many of us have used both systems side by side and have found that to not be the case.

There are all sorts of reasons that your anecdotal observations are not proper findings of actual resolution differences.

Yeah he’s straight up fibbing there.

I am being totally honest., You just don't understand how final image resolution is determined by the combination of a lens casting an image and the pixels digitizing that image.

The lens casts an image that resolves a certain number  of line pairs per millimetre. Put the same lens in front of two sesnors of different sizes but same pixel count and what happens? If the lens casts an image at 60lp/mm in the centre, then the central sharpness on a FF sensor is 1,440 line pairs per picture height. On an APS-C sensor it is only 960 lp/ph. If both sensors have the same 24MP pixel count, one is digitising those1440 line pairs by 4,000 pixels while the other is  digitizing only 960 line pairs with 4,000 pixels. Obviously dividing 1,440 into 4,000 samples  gives a sharper result than dividing 960 line pairs into 4,000 samples.

The tighter the pixels the better the perceived sharpness. You can look at 4K TVs and 8K TVs next to FHD TVs and see that.

A 24" 4K TV is no sharper than a 65" 4K TV.

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