Juvenile Northern Mockingbird with X-H2s

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Juvenile Northern Mockingbird with X-H2s

I got a late start this morning due to the rain for a fun first time out with my Fuji X-H2s. This camera is super fast and responsive. I used my normal settings:


and enabled subject tracking: Birds

I quickly realized the easy way to focus is to keep the zone in the center of the frame and as soon as the bird is detected I can recompose and the camera will focus on the bird even if it is outside of the zone. Do not move the zone off the bird till subject tracking takes over. While most of the talk has been about the AF system and FPS for still photographs, the biggest improvements are the marvelous sharp, bright and lag free EVF that has no blackout when you use the electronic shutter. There is effectively an infinite buffer, even when writing to a fast SD card and I was using an old Sony card which was my overflow and the primary was a SanDisk Extreme Pro CFE type B. When a bird is detected focus is usually very crisp and zone works well for a flock and the camera is smart enough to use zone for a flock.

Everything is not wonderful though I'm very happy. Even at 20 FPS, one winds up with a lot more images to cull. The bird AF dose not understand a feeding sandpiper and focuses on it's tail when it's head is down as it's feeding. In fact, about 10% of the time focus was on the tail of sandpipers even when they were upright. I'll be reporting this to Fuji. But wait, there is a much worse bug. The first sign of a problem was the yellow overheat warning after shooting for about 15 minutes at 80f in hazy sunshine. The manual and everyone here indicated that the yellow warning is ok so I continued taking photos and I was not shooting all that much. About 5 minutes later came the red warning and soon after the I'm hot and shutting down message. Now that's frustrating! I switched my camera off and thought about it. I'm shooting with the battery grip and like all other Fuji bodies I set it to Performance. There are two other settings: normal and economy. I switched to normal and waited a bit longer. When I saw a subject I wanted to photograph I turned the camera back on and started to take photos. Yellow warning. Ok, no big deal, it's just the getting warm warning. Then it went red again and I turned the camera off. Waited about 10 minutes and the camera was much cooler. I turned it on and shot as usual without issue. Then I noticed that even when I'm not asking the camera to focus it's tracking birds! What the (not permitted on DPReview)! I'll have a talk with Fuji about this tomorrow.

Enjoy my photos :-}

Comments and suggestions welcome,


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