Aperture priority always defaults to F22?

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Re: Aperture priority always defaults to F22?

Peter Foiles wrote:

meku wrote:

On Fujifilm X-T30ii with any 'R' lens with an Aperture switch, flipping this to Aperture priority always defaults to F22 and doesn't recall the last aperture used.

The "A" position on an "R" lens does NOT put the camera in aperture priority mode it just puts control of the aperture to a dial on the body.

Yes, the "A" position is auto-aperture (or set by the body). The "aperture icon" position is Aperture priority (controlled by the lens). Switching between these two is what I am discussing.

Same lens on older bodies (such as X-T20) flipping to manual aperture recalls the last setting.

??? Manual aperture is whatever aperture you have set on any Fuji body that I have ever used.

I am discussing switching using the lens controls to set aperture, not the body, and the action of switching between auto and aperture priority using the lens control.

For example could set manual at F8 and then flip between auto and F8 all day using the aperture switch on the lens. Even swapping lenses it would still recall the last aperture setting.

Is there any way to bring this behavior back to the X-T30ii, or any workarounds to default to a different aperture for Aperture priority?

I also wonder if this new behavior to always default F22 is on other recent X bodies.

The X-T30ii has an "auto" setting. I am not familiar with it but I suspect that if you want it to behave like your X-T20 "auto" needs to be turned off.

The camera is Program mode, not in full "auto" mode.

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