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Rich Z
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Re: Guzzi etc.

At that time the tire which fit the 18 inch wheel was a 4.00.  Guzzis came with either Continental, Metzeler, Avon or Pirelli tires, 4.00x18 front and rear.  Both wheels had drive splines and the brakes were identical, so tires could be rotated easily.  These were all of very nice and soft rubber for traction.  That also  made them nicely flexible for bias ply, 18 inch tires.  But regardless of brand, all had to make the tire to conform to government load range ratings.  The sidewall flex was limited by that.  The 16 inch wheel was much wider than the 18.  The tire on the 16 was a 5.10.   This tire, regardless of manufacturer, had a tall aspect ratio while still putting much more tread on the road than the 18.  Fortunately, the outside diameter of the 16 and 18 inch tires was the same, so gearing and speedometer were not affected. It also had a much higher load range. The much taller and stronger sidewall on the 16 could flex much more than the 18.  A motor officer in the saddle all day long, often on bad road surfaces, appreciates all the tire flex he can get.  The Guzzi had just enough width between the swing arms to fit the 5.10 x 16  and it did not change the handling in twisties, just made all riding more comfortable.  The 16 also hugely increased rear braking.

The Guzzis came from Italy with the police package installed.  One nice thing about that was the seat.  Guzzi made a copy of the huge, sprung saddle the police had on their Harleys.  It worked the same, but since it was Italian, it was elegante.  Rich

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