Come on, Nikon, issue the R7 and R10 killers, now!

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Re: Come on, Nikon, issue the R7 and R10 killers, now!

davethebirder wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

z2122 wrote:

yes, they should bring out 2 dx cameras in identical bodies - one like a Z90 and the other like a Z500 with a stacked senser and Z9 tech.

identical bodies should make production easier .. the Z90 could have adoptet tech from a z6 II with improved AF (something like 24Mpix) and the Z500 could have 33 Mpix and fast Z9 AF - a real killer-DX camera

Dreaming is fine, but then comes the morning and we wake up to reality...

The only reason to buy a cropped camera is size, weight and price. When neither of those are there (or only marginally) then it makes no sense at all to spend resources and development on "your" DX dreams.

Your forgetting what that people are asking for a ML Z500 for a good reason, it is more suited to their needs and they know it ...... like I do .... most already own the D500 .....

There's no way I will spending 51/2 grand on a Z9 when you crop most of the image away ........

Well, that's it then. You should stay with the D500 and be happy. BTW, what makes you believe you MUST crop the Z9 images? Do you seriously believe the camera is not capable of taking bird images without cropping...?

it's about small birds in flight in the wild , not large airplanes at airshows ....

It's the lens that fills the sensor with the object, not the opposite. Object size doesn't matter since you don't shoot a small bird from the same distance you shoot a plane from.

........ people know what they want and or need ........

Want, need and dream about are three different things.

I WANT a new car, so I NEED to select the one I will buy. I dream about cars I will never buy, or cars that will never be made. OK, I never dream about cars, but there are plenty models and brands out there which I will never buy and not even consider. Same thing with cameras.

........ were they dreaming when they leapt all over the D500 ??

Well... they been crying for so long that Nikon got tired of them and threw the D500 at them 7 years after the release of the D300s to replace THAT camera, nothing else.

The only reason to buy a cropped camera is size, weight and price.

We can forget about size and weight, since you must use the camera with FX lenses if you are in a need of high quality lenses. A DX version of a Z camera with the performance of Z9 would be expensive. It would only make sense if it would have a sensor of at least 30MP, making it even more expensive.

...but there is nothing wrong with dreaming, until the morning comes and reality strikes again.

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