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Started Aug 9, 2022 | Photos thread
OP 19andrew47 Forum Pro • Posts: 47,329
Close ups with the 100 - 400

These I did for practice and for Rich. I think these are sharper than the others I posted. Still some wind this morning. I held the camera very tightly to my head to the point of discomfort around the eye. That seemed to stabilize it more.


Will be out cutting grass and groceries so I will stop back in later.

No image above as I type this but perhaps it will show up. This is the best of the images I shot. No processing other than Topaz AI Sharpen at about half the model blur removal.

as above but also with some light level adjustments

again about half the blur removal but also added Nik Color Efex Detail Enhancement which is a contrast thing basically. It does not sharpen as far as I know.

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