Pro-100 printing problems

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Re: Pro-100 printing problems

jmiller2032 wrote:

I can't seem to get my photos to print correctly from Lightroom. Not sure how to describe it, but here's what I'm getting (ignore the black ink smudge-- that's my kids):

Paper is Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster. I've installed/uninstalled/reinstalled the latest drivers. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Does the same problem occur on all prints?

It may be, but somewhat unlikely, your cartridges (or one of them, maybe the red) has faded or gotten contaminated. Aside from cleaning, maybe try a new set of cartridges?

I wonder if maybe your print head is going bad somehow (smearing colors) when laying them down on the paper. I had to recycle my Pro100 recently because the print head went bad and it wasn't worth replacing ($200 for a head on a printer I basically got for free after rebate).  I will say that while the PRo 100 is OK, I had a lot of issues with mine, and it required a lot of frequent cleaning (since I Only printed maybe once every 3-4 weeks; printing more often fixes most issues with clogged nozzles and color issues I've found, but again, for me, printer was basically free -- just decided to go down at a bad time while I was doing some prints).

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