Recommendation for a compact, "weatherproof", 35mm point and shoot? Olympus MJU-ii?

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Re: Recommendation for a compact, "weatherproof", 35mm point and shoot? Olympus MJU-ii?

psilocyBen wrote:

Hey ya'll,

I'm still relatively new to shooting film, but have been having loads of fun with my nikon F2. Its been a really great camera, but recently i've had a strong desire to get a point and shoot. I do a lot of rock/mountain climbing, and 99% of the time the F2 is just something i'm not going to bring up on the wall. I'm looking for a very compact/lightweight, reasonably durable, and somewhat "weatherproof" 35mm point and shoot. The olympus mju II seems to fit the bill, but I know they're pretty overpriced right now and potentially over hyped. If I did get one, are the 2.8 prime lens ones significantly better, or do you think something like a zoom 38-110 would suffice for me? I know prime ones are better, but I think having a zoom in the mountains would also be really nice as well. Just wanted to get some others opinions here before I make a purchase, and maybe see if anyone here had any other recommendations that may fit my bill. Any insight hugely appreciated!

I am quite happy with Olympus µ(mju:) ZOOM 105 (38-105mm). It is small with a versatile focal range (albeit it could have been a bit wider), waterproof (mju like), and image quality is fine, especially in the 38-70mm range.

Oly traveled with me in a kayak, hiked above 3500m on a wrist, spent a few days in the car in the summer, has been dropped (in the pouch) here and there, and still works well. I am sure that Konica Genbakantoku is a stronger camera, but this little Oly is a very good choice IMHO.

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