Displaycal banding issue

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Re: Displaycal banding issue

Luis Gabriel Photography wrote:

kciuk aka Ken60 wrote:

Luis, perhaps displaycal has an issue with the backlighting on these tow monitors. I don't mean to be offensive , but both of these are designed as 8 bit gaming monitors and not high end imaging units.

Again no offence intended but I have seen the sort of studio portraiture you do and have to suggest that you look at something a little more in keeping with the quality of your photography.

If you want smooth gradation , very accurate soft proofing , and amazingly accurate colours I can recommend and Eizo monitor like the one I am using.

Thanks for the kind words.
It has the same issue with the PD3200 and SW2700pt(if I dont use the hardware calibration option).
Just confusing why i1 profiler with all its limitations, does not have such issue :/

Interesting! I've had no problems myself using DisplayCAL for years, but a search turned up this post that might be applicable:

"Ok I fixed the issue 100%. Disabled surface color profile driver in device manager + 3dlut calibration in madvr and it’s perfect. No color tinted greys or banding in video (and on windows desktop). The default profiles have noticeable grayscale color tint and banding now that I’ve seen the display without them enabled."


(Edit: I should add that I may have avoided such problems since I routinely remove any manufacturer-supplied color utilities on all my PCs. I would also speculate that i1 profiler might do some things automatically that DisplayCAL requires the user to deliberately choose.)

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