Z30 as a still camera?

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Re: I would miss the viewfinder too much

quintana wrote:

I like the viewfinder of my Z50 too much. It's easy to use in broad daylight and especially with my eyesight getting worse it's also easier to check critical focus.

Nikon could’ve easily avoided this conundrum by making a detachable VF and I’m still frustrated by their decision not to do so (yet!). I had the Canon M6ii with the detachable VF  and loved the versatility I had with this combination. I would say that my VF usage was about 25% of the total time. As previous posters have noted, it was helpful for (1) for shooting in high contrast situations and (2) for reviewing images in same conditions. 
I would’ve ordered a Z30 as soon as the orders were available if there had been a detachable VF; however, I may end up ordering one anyway to replace my Z fc because I like the Z30 form factor better (and I’ll learn to live without the VF).

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