(Spoof) What would take for you to go back to film

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Back to solely film?

Michael Firstlight wrote:

There are several variations on this question floating around in various forms here going something like "What would take for you to go back to DSLR's..." and such. So I thought - why not here? LOL. You all can likely cite well why you went back to (or added) film after using digital or after having left film (and optionally, traditional darkroom work) long ago.

I enjoy film work every bit as much as my digital workflow. For me, which includes the whole end-to-end process including developing and printing my own work it's a challenging and specialized craft that few truly master, and put more plainly, it's fun!

Go ahead, cite your reasons.



I'm sooo in this digital scene, that it might be hard for me. Then again, not perhaps so hard: I started photographing at -80 or -81, when it was all film. Yeah, I would manage, survive and enjoy. Couple of things would help a lot:

-Cheaper price of film and processing

-One hour processing and printing option in my hometown

A s l a

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