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Rich Z
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Re: Day Lilies from our gardens

Thanks for these pictures, Andrew.  With your PP skills, I believe that these are as sharp as the 100-400 can get.  I wonder if you used Topaz AI sharpen on them.  Anyhow, this lens is  not sharp enough for the hawks I would buy it for.  Since the MZ 150-400 is too expensive for my uses for it, the MZ 300mm f/4 with teleconverter is my only choice to get lens IS + IBIS fully synchronized, and to be able to use pro capture low with continuous autofocus.  Dicky's pictures have convinced me that it is as sharp as my ZD 150mm f/2 with teleconverter.

I think that Olympus / OMDS fouled up by not making the 100-400 a pro lens at a cost of around $1,000 more, with full IS synchronization and better optics.  If that lens existed I would buy it and be happy to pay around $2,500 for it.  The hawks will be back in a couple of months and I am trying to make a decision about buying the MZ 300 + teleconverter.  Rich

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