Whale Photo - Comparing Z9 to Canon 7D Mark II

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Re: Whale Photo - Comparing Z9 to Canon 7D Mark II

As a comparison, it’s definitely possible to get reasonable whale shots with a Z9 + 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 + 2x TC. This is from a recent whale watching trip I went on.

While not a spectacular picture - the juvenile whale wasn’t cooperating with poses - it is somewhat sharper than the OP’s pic, and this was shot at ISO 1800, f/11, 1/1600s and handheld.

What I’m really pointing out is that the ISO 500 isn’t an issue, the f/11 aperture isn’t an issue even though diffraction can start to creep in, the 1.4x TC isn’t an issue (mine is a 2.0x TC), and it has a clear daylight Nikon filter on it.

By “not an issue”, I really mean - in general - I’m not ruling out a problem with the specific instance of the lens or TC or camera, but certainly in principle none of those should cause the image to be as degraded as it is.

OP - the other posters’ advice w.r.t. putting your camera + lens onto a tripod and taking stabilized shots would be a good thing to test. Also, remove any kind of filter from the lens and see if you can see a difference. Try a test both with and without the TC to see if you can see any image degradation. It’s possible that you may have an issue with any of those components. It’s also possible, as others have noted, that it’s a technique problem.

I’m including both a crop and the 100% image for reference purposes. Both have been processed exactly the same in Lightroom cloud (on my iPad), so there is no variance between the crop and full size in terms of LR processing.

Cropped to 3758x2505

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