Fujifilm X-S10 vs Nikon Z5 print quality

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Re: Fujifilm X-S10 vs Nikon Z5 print quality

Askaman wrote:

Hi guys!

First of all i apologize if i posted in the wrong place, in which case I am asking for an OP to help me move the thread.

Second, I am looking for people who had experience printing images from these 2 cameras or equivalent(like xt4 for example) and here is what i am looking for.

That's basically a D600 / D610 / D750 Image sensor.  It likely has no advantage over the more modern Fuji sensor for image quality and print quality.

1. Print size should be 1m*1m max(this is a rare one, mostly i am looking at a bit smaller sizes)

2. Print themes are always landscape photography so that requires a bit more detail.

I know about viewing distances and that at the right distance most pictures seem fine but what I am interested is actually(from your experience) at a print this big how close to the print you'd have to stay in order to see a bit of deterioration in the picture

I am trying to decide between the 2 cameras(which prints have more detail) so please don't tell me about the GFX or the Z7 because they are out of my reach:)

Many thanks

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