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Re: Camera for LARGE art prints

Kokopelli_Rocks wrote:

I have several friends that are Fine Art Gallery represented artists. I also know several people who own and have owned galleries. My understand from all of the is the number one rule is to provide what sales. The Fine Art market can be tough and brutal. Of the people I know some are full time painters, some of full time photographers and many are part time artists who have good 'real jobs'.

In fact, one of the photographers I know makes a lot of money selling his fine art prints in galleries, and many full time photographers could live comfortably off what makes from his photography. His day job is very lucrative and thus he does both. A few years ago he walked into a gallery in Jackson Hole that only sold paintings. He asked if they every thought about selling photography. They said yes, but had not found one with images they felt would sell. He showed them his portfolio. They asked for samples to sell. Today, the front 1/3rd of the gallery is just his work, he is their number one artist. He is now represented in galleries in Aspen, Vale and a few other western locations.

You probably won't care for his work.

You can see his gear on a video about Ryan Smith.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on the type of that can be used to create large fine art prints.

I would also recommend reading articles by Keith Cooper on printing. Here is one of his posts on a large print.

Enjoy your journey

Thanks. I'll take a look.

I'm not intending to make a living off this, although I'll happily take what I can get. I have no doubts about it being hard but this is more about the doing. My last fulfilling venture closed when covid hit and I was gasping for air, metaphorically. I  realized I wasn't listening to my inner voices. I need to be engaged in such things or I start to not do so well.

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