Camera for LARGE art prints

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Re: Camera for LARGE art prints

Bob A L wrote:

Just for grins, and not knowing just what type of photos the OP is wanting to make the large prints of, here is a quick cell phone shot of one of the large prints that a friend of mine has in a local diner. It is admittedly a bad cell phone photo at 1000 iso of the photo, but in real life the big print is impressive even up close, and is much less resolution than the typical FF sensor camera would provide. It is from a 20 mp, 1" type sensor (not really 1" for the purists, new long winded description with dimensions in order here). The largest I have personally seen that he has sold is 108" wide.

This is why I believe the op is headed in a sensible direction, as most any FF dslr should be able to do better than this for a large print.

This is a compelling demonstration. I've heard this same advice many times and should probably just forge ahead. What works and what doesn't will become clear soon enough.

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