How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

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Re: Just for fun... Here is the DXO version

stephband wrote:

It IS of interest. I might as well add another processing app to the list since I seem to be trying them all!

That's by default?? I'm surprised by how much of the darker colours it lightens up in that image. It brings out the people in a way the other apps are not doing by default. Also, it has given us the full frame, not the 16:9 crop stored by the camera (that's a good thing, I can't seem to get the full frame back in other apps if I want it), and without lens correction (my version of SilkyPix is applying lens correction I cannot take off).

I did a comparison of the ON1 and DxO renderings. The DxO PL5 rendering recovers more of the original raw frame than the ON1 (and other raw and OOC) renderings. In other words, it makes your UWA lens even wider — that's a very cheap hardware upgrade!

I overlaid the ON1 version with 50% opacity on the larger DxO image:

DxO uses more of the original raw image than the OOC JPEGs and other raw converters, so it makes the lens wider. The image is also less noisy that the others, effectively improving the sensor quality.

As you can see, the images don't quite align. That's because DxO uses its own, more accurate lens distortion corrections, whereas the other raw converters just use Panasonic's approximate corrections.

So, as Torstein correctly said, PhotoLab is the best raw developer available.

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