How do I maintain a high dpi for any sized photograph on Epson V600 scanner?

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Re: How do I maintain a high dpi for any sized photograph on Epson V600 scanner?

The best quality prints, if you're lucky, might have 200-300 dpi of actual detail in them, and that's only if you've printed on something like ultra gloss Ciba or the equivalent and from a very sharp piece of film. Scanning at higher than about a real 600 dpi at 100 percent image size is simply pointless. It makes no difference whatsoever and the examples you gave have no meaningful increase in detail between the two resolutions presented. You simply will never see that on any sort of print.

When you're scanning, whether it's a print or a negative, you usually have the choice of a couple of different ways to set the resolution. The easiest way is to just leave the magnification level at 100 percent and set the resolution to 600 dpi. The other way is to set the magnification to whatever it takes to accomplish your desired print size and set the resolution to your desired output resolution. Two different ways at getting to the same place. I always do the former just because it's easier and I have less to think about.

And finally you have to consider that 600 dpi or 1200 dpi or whatever dpi means one thing on one scanner and something completely different, in terms of actual detail, on another.

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