Fuji Rumours - GF21 f4 and GF30 f4 tilt shift

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Re: Fuji Rumours - GF21 f4 and GF30 f4 tilt shift

marco1974 wrote:

bobby350z wrote:

I replaced my 32-64mm with the 45-100mm as a lot of folks here mentioned that 45-100 was much better lens, and I now I miss that wider end. 45mm is not wide and I am someone who shoot landscapes with my 250mm and sometimes with 1.4xTC on it.

You made a poorly informed decision, that's all.

Clearly, for you, 45mm on gfx isn't wide enough. That's fair.

For others, it is the sweet spot.

To each their own.

Agree, everyone is different. I just got 50mm TSE-II and it can do what 45mm f2.8 does for me. I will wait when Fuji comes with 45mm f1.7, till them no 45mm for me.

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