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78_Anthony wrote:

Thank you to everyone for your help and advice.

Primarily I used the gfx for on a tripod mainly with Pentax 645 lenses. I have not had an issue with focusing using the rear screen and magnify.

Love the output, however the size, weight and less time has meant I opt for the xp3 far more often.

I’m feeling like I will sell the gfx, I’m just not sure if I’ll look to put those funds towards an m10 or not.

Can I ask how do the M10r files compare to both the gfx and to the x series?

An example of the types of things I photograph.

Thanks for your advice.


I'd say these shots are doable with a Leica M, but it's not the ideal tool for it.

# 1  - Long exposure is a PITA with the Leica, at least with the M10. No flip down screen makes it hard(er) to shoot long exposure landscapes.

# 2 - Doable, but if you use strobes for shots like these then forget it.

# 3 - I don't even know what these are. Chocolates? If so, you're limited to 70cm MFD, so no macros of food.

# 4 - Leica is made for shots like these. Spontaneous street captures.

What Leica shooters don't tell you about Leicas:

With Leica M, your world pretty much revolves around 28mm - 50mm. Other than these, it becomes very hard to nail focus, compose, or both.

Leica M RF only couples down to 0.7m, and most lenses don't focus shorter than that.

Some lenses focuses shorter than 0.7m, but since the RF stops coupling at 0.7, the RF patch stops while the focus ring keeps going. It's very annoying.

Some M lenses like the 50 1.4 ASPH have stiction. It's a bad design by Leica but some people tolerate it because hey it's Leica!

There is no standard feel among M mount lenses. Some have focusing tabs, some don't, especially if you have ZM and VM lenses.

Some Leica lenses, like the 28 Cron V1, develop wobbly front assembly. V2 fixed that.

If you're used to EVF, you might get annoyed by the RF OVF, unless you use Visoflex 020 ($400)

RF focusing is fun sometimes, but can get annoyingly inconvenient fast. It's best if you rent an M first and decide. Leica is just one of those things that looks cool from the outside but just MEH once you have it. It's a really fun system, but not without shortcomings.

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