After a year with my X-E3 I have to admit its ergonomics are not for me. Which camera to try next?

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After a year with my X-E3 I have to admit its ergonomics are not for me. Which camera to try next?

Yesterday I took my camera out for the first time in a while. It's been two months since I used it, and I was wondering why I didn't use it for such a long time? Then I remembered. This is very subjective and I know for a lot of people this camera feels and works great, but after a year of trying to find my flow with it I admit defeat. Here is why it doesn't work for me:

  • Eye relief - I wear eyeglasses and it's very sunny where I live. I have to use viewfinder most of the time but with its tiny eye relief it is a struggle. I tried taking my glasses off, using the screen instead, pushing the viewfinder and my glasses as close to my eye as possible, put in the end it's always a struggle
  • The grip - I'm using my X-E3 with a 18-55 and while it's not a big lens the balance is not very good. I bought an additional grip but while it does make holding the camera a little bit easier it is still not very comfortable (in comparison with DSLR-styled cameras). After some suggestions from this forum I improved the way I hold the camera but the point still stands
  • Accidental change of settings - as a result of the previous two points, while I struggle with viewing through the viewfinder and holding the camera comfortably, I also keep constantly switching settings by accident. Most common is the loose aperture ring on the 18-55 (very easy to bump it while supporting the lens with my left hand), then the front control dial sometimes even the focus mode dial.

Probably the combination of a compact camera with classic ergonomics and my not so small hands does this, but I see no other option for me but to try something new. Most of the time I take my camera on a walk with my wife so I don't want to spend time fighting the camera. Please note that all of the above is an exaggeration of sorts, it's not like I struggle to make a single shot and have the camera fall out of my hands every minute, but after a year with a camera I think it should feel more natural.

So, here are some Fuji and non-Fuji options, eager to hear your opinions and suggestions, especially from people who felt somewhat similar regarding X-E3 or similar Fuji cameras. Note: the following pros & cons mostly relate to my issues with ergonomics and are not extensive.

  • X-S10 - one of the best quality to cost offers not only in the Fuji lineup but in general. Pros: nice large grip & articulating screen. Cons: some people mention it is too small for a DSLR-styled body. EVF and eye relief are similar to X-E3
  • X-T3/4 - pros: larger camera which means more space between buttons, toggles and dials and less chance for me to accidentally hit something. Great EVF. Cons - some people say that the grip and handling is still subpar in comparison to X-S10/X-H1
  • X-H1 - still a great camera with IBIS and nice second-hand price. Pros: great viewfinder, great grip, very similar to DSLRs in terms of the control layout. Cons: maybe a little too old and a little too big
  • Canon M6m2 - yes, it is still pretty small and the M system has no future plans, but there are still some good lenses out there and most reviews mention that the handling of the camera is still pretty good. Pros: compact body with good handling. Cons: EVF not included and the optional one is not very big
  • Canon RP - not a lot of RF lenses and most of them are pretty expensive with a couple of interesting exceptions. Still, this situation will get better as time goes by. Pros: large EVF, solid grip, probably the cleanest menus out there (also true for M6m2). Cons: the camera's functionality is limited compared to similarly priced APS-C offers, the lens choice is limited and pricey
  • Ricoh GR III - not a serious contender here because I still want to have an option to swap lenses, but it looks too good and compact to omit it as an everyday camera for chill photography. Pros: compact, light and great for one-handed use. Cons: no viewfinder

On a final note, a disclaimer that there is no proper photo store where I live, so I can't check any of these cameras in person.

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