Fuji Rumours - GF21 f4 and GF30 f4 tilt shift

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Re: Fuji Rumours - GF21 f4 and GF30 f4 tilt shift

marc aurel wrote:

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bobby350z wrote:

My guess is that one is 30mm f4, then the other is tele TSE for product, food shots, like 120mm without macro.

If you already own the Canon 50, 90 and 135 t/s-e, there's little reason to consider a new Fuji t/s lens in that general vicinity, especially when those three mentioned already work so well. Plus, having been a product shooter as a big part of my long career, I'd say that I shoot more product with a slightly wide angle lens for dramatic effect. Of course, it all depends on the shot and the art director, but I generally get to set the tone. And, of course, the longer you do in focal length, the less you need tilt or shift and the more you need focus stacking. That Canon 50 t/s-e is a rocking product lens, especially up close. I mean, they all are but that little bit of extra drama that 50 gives (and a 40 might even be better) is often the edge that's needed.

I agree. The longer TS-E s are so good already on a GFX 100 camera. Not much I miss with my TS-E 50&90mm lenses (except maybe a bit more shift range).

But a GF TS 30mm? I will preorder it the day they announce! I've been waiting for this lens since the announcement of the Fuji GFX system. I will praorder a GF TS 21mm the day they announce it too. But the 30mm is even more important to me.

There is just not a single really good shift lens by todays standards in the 30 to 35mm range for the GFX, although for me this is the most used focal length for architectural jobs. Even the Contax 645 35mm (which I own) is far behind other shift lenses, like the TS-E 50mm concerning sharpness and lack of distortion.

There are a lot of ultrawide shift lenses already – Laowa 15mm, Laowa 20mm, PC-E 19mm, TS-E 17mm. But they all have flaws – distortion for the Laowas and the Nikon, sharpness falloff towards the edges for all of them (although to a different degree).

If Fuji really comes out with a TS 30mm AND a TS 21mm, we would have an excellent lineup of shift lenses.

Could not agree more with you, although I'd prefer the 21 first and the 30 second. I guess it's a waiting game now. Just keep your money stashed safely for when the time comes, cuz it ain't gonna be cheap.

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