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How to keep this forum civilized

In order to understand where I am coming from you will need to have experienced online bullying. I had my fair share of below the belt attacks here where sometimes posts were deleted and sometimes they stayed.

I am not talking about robust debate, but deeply personal comments. I typically let it go, but will say that on occasion it has spoiled my day.

Could give some examples where people suggested self-harm (to soften the real term that was used) or finding out where I lived (I changed my original details of my actual location to a more general one).

But those posts in question stayed for a little while and I have to admit that what bugged me most was the vocal bystanders who thought it was all a big joke, added a "like" and an "I am with you on this" comment.

I originally started participating here on dpreview at a time where you could directly contact Phil Askey in the early 2000s lost my password, email address invalid and got a new one, the one I am using now, so have seen a fair bit of bullying before it was a term.

Free speech is one thing, but this piling up likes for insults on that "Ken" thread reminded me of those times when I was at the receiving end.

I guess nothing breached any rules, but, boy, this is a bad look for a forum about photography.

If I was new to Fuji - or dpreview - this would put me right off. Not because I am a close buddy of Ken, far from it, but because I dislike the tone and direction of that thread.

Could this thread in question possibly be deleted? Start again at post one and then try again? Not violating any rules, huh?



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