Canon Pro-200 - print quality / darker colours not printing well

Started Aug 8, 2022 | Questions thread
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It's probably the cardstock.

I have bought the canon pro 200 to print greeting cards, art prints etc.

Prints come out perfect when I use the canon photo papers but I am having problems with greeting cards.

As you can see in the images below, when I print a card that has a slightly darker colour, it comes out with lots of white specks showing (not dust as you can see the comparison with the lighter coloured cards that have no specking) ...

i am using mondi color copy 350gsm

I tend to suspect the problem is with the cardstock onto which you're printing. Is it specifically sold as being inkjet-printable? If so, it is specifically sold as being double-sided? If it is sold as inkjet printable, but is not sold as double-sided, are you printing on the correct side / have you tried printing on the other side? Because what you describe sounds, and what I see looks, like what I get when I print on the wrong (back) side of single-sided matte paper.

For a paper to work well in an inkjet printer, it needs a special ink-receptive coating. Even matte inkjet papers typically have one. If you mistakenly print on the uncoated side, dark colors look faded and lighter specs appear, or at least that's my experience--I've made this mistake more than once! So you need paper specifically for inkjet printing, and to make sure you print on the correct side; and if you want to print on both sides, then you need double-sided inkjet paper.

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