Olympus OMD EM-5 (V1) Eye cup and surround replacement / assembly

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Re: Olympus OMD EM-5 (V1) Eye cup and surround replacement / assembly

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If it is anything like the later models eyecups, it is latched onto place......it is not glued on as it is designed to be removed/replaceable.

As far as I have found it is the item EP-10 and looks like third party replacements are widely available.


Yeah the eye cup itself is easy to replace. Just pops on I think, and cheap and readily available.

The part I need to put back on / repair first it the little plastic surround / clip that the eye cup sits on. If you pulled the eye cup off you would see it. Like a little black surround sits around the metal viewfinder. Mine is broken so I just can't see how it attaches or if I just glue it back on

The eyepiece I describe is integral with the plastic mount that latches on the body. The rubber part and the mount are not sold separately.

I can only suggest that you look for the EP-10 in your geographic area and buy one (on the surmise that I have identified the correct Olympus component part code ~ the latter models EM-5 mk2 onwards it seems use the EP-15)

How does that little hard black plastic piece fit on? It sort of looks like it sits under the metal edge and I doubt it would be flexible enough to just wrestle it on? Yes you are right about the Mk11 and Mk111 being different.

AFAIK in common with all such eyecups it slides onto the camera from the top. The camera is grooved to accept it.

I did find this image of what I surmise is a third party copy of the original and it shows the rear of the part.


I think you can see small plastic springs that would hold it in place once fitted!

Latter versions (on the E-M1 series) had spring latches that needed pressing to remove it.

When you buy one it should be more obvious how it fits than looking at a set of broken parts where bits may be missing!

You know what brother? You are 100% right! I got 2 x EM-5 (V1) and both have the cup and this little plastic clip missing. Obviously a poor design. I can buy the eye cups here (Thailand) online for about $1.50 each. I'll get a few lol. Thank you so much for your help

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