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Re: ***Ghent, a historic city in Belgium***

Glenn Barber wrote:

I cant describe how impressed I am by your videos.

As a long time photographer who is just discovering how to shoot video with my Sony A1 - am searching for sources of information as to the hows and whys and best practices of videography with my Sony.

Do how have any short videos on how you setup your camera and your post processing?


Hi Glenn, thanks for the kind words. I set up my A7iii according to info i got from GeraldUndones youtube channel but that was a video specific for the A7iii (he has not done a similar video for the A1 as far as I recall but its worth watching his A1 review as its video specific so there might be some useful info in there). There were other videos i watched as well but it was such a long time ago i dont recal which ones.

Mark Galer has a small section about basic video setup in one of his videos with his own recommended settings which is probably worth watching if you didnt already do so https://youtu.be/888iqbtcrcw?t=3941

This video also seems to have good info (although its not A1 specific) https://youtu.be/_we3c5e84eU

I follow the usual rules when filming. Shutter speed being double my frame rate and using an ND filter to allow shooting at wider apertures. I have my settings saved to one of the memory recall modes.

As for post processing... i dont do much. I shoot in the cine2 profile which is 8bit and kind of flat and allows a little colour grading. I use Davinci Resolve and generally apply a little contrast and saturation and then try and even out the colours using the colour wheels on the colour tab. I dont use any LUTs or do anything complicated (proper colour grading is a mystery to me). I believe newer Sony cameras have a new colour profile called s-cinetone which i read was great so if i got an A1 i would probably explore using that.

anyway i realise im waffling on now when you probably know most of this stuff already. Sorry i cant be much help, im still very much an amatuer and I dont have an A1 to know what is best for that camera

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