How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

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Re: How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

stephband wrote:

The application RAW Power tells me the red channel clips in the river, but the other channels do not.

The JPEGs you included tell a different story. In the OOC JPEG, the red and green channels are both blown in yellow areas of the flow. In the reddish areas the green channel isn't blown but the red channel is blown or close to blown. The blue channel is generally not blown at all in the flowing lava but it's blown in the white erupting part. (You get white when all three channels are blown).

In the version you edited the big problem is that the blue channel is mostly blown as well as the red and green channels in the flowing lava. The difference is quite clearly illustrated by looking at the blue channel only:

Top=OOC JPEG; Bottom=Edited Version

Simply by eliminating the blue channel altogether, the flow is yellow throughout:

Top OOC JPEG; Bottom=Edited version with blue channel removed

Of course, it's not necessary to completely kill the blue channel. You could just reduce the brightness (highlight especially) in the blue channel and get a very satisfactory rendering. It's not clear why the blue channel is pushed so much lighter in the edited version vs. the OOC JPEG version. Something about how you processed or WB'd or the basic camera profiles you're using in the editors you're playing with.

However, I just discovered the control 'Gamut Map'. When I set that to OFF the river becomes yellow.

That doesn't make sense to me because you'd expect the ON setting to prevent the clipping. It seems to be doing the opposite of what's supposed to do. A weird labeling issue perhaps?

In Pixelmator, setting EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) to ON appears to do the same thing.

That makes more sense.

I am on a recent Macbook Pro with a high dynamic range screen. This is clearly something to do with mapping gamut to the dynamic range of my screen.

No, it's not monitor DR issue. It's an issue with how you're processing the files. As you get better at understanding how to manipulate the raw converter/editor tools you'll be able to better match and improve upon what comes straight out of the camera.

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