Z9 video: surprised how good UHD/60 is vs NRAW 4.1K

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Re: Z9 video: surprised how good UHD/60 is vs NRAW 4.1K

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You mention that UHD/60/10b/H265 is easier to edit in DaVinci Resolve? Can you explain that to me? My personal observations with DVR is that NRAW is fully supported and it’s very easy to edit. I use the Studio version, so maybe that’s a difference.

Out of curiosity does your computer have an AMD processor or Intel? (Or is it maybe a Mac)

I have heard that high end AMD works better for less-compressed codecs (ProRes, RAW, BRAW,) but that the built in IGPU of Intel 11th and 12th gen chips allows it to work better with heavily compressed codecs like havc and hevc.

The Studio version of DaVinci Resolve allows the Graphics Processor Unit on your nVidia video card to assist with the decoding and encoding, which speeds up the process considerably with a good nVidia based card.

Here is more info. https://beginnersapproach.com/davinci-resolve-use-gpu-acceleration/

NVIDIA won't help with HEVC 4.2.2. Anything else will work on even a lower end card. Nvidia using the same media decoder across the range.

Where do you see it won't work with HEVC 4:2:2?

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