How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

Started Aug 7, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: Disagree about raw

stephband wrote:

The most infamous current cooking of 'raw' files is noise reduction applied to Canon R-series 'raw' files, although in the past other companies have done similar things.

The Lumix does some (optional) extra-extra noise reduction at long exposures. I had understood that was applied to the RAW file (I think I remember it doing that with JPEG turned off), but I will have to test again.

(It blocks the camera while it processes, so it can get in the way of the continuity of successive images in a timelapse, and if I were to discover that it is not applied to the raw version I could switch it off without losing anything.)

Canon cameras can take, and subtract, a dark frame to reduce a fixed pattern noise for very long exposures. Is that what you Panasonic camera is doing?

(It's typically done in astrophotography, and it is the lowest order correction applied to thermal imagers.)

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