How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

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Re: Disagree about raw

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Camera RAW is unprocessed. The computer software has to do all corrections, including converting the image (commonly a Bayer mosaic) to RGB for all pixels, and applying lens corrections. (Lens corrections typically include distortion and vignetting. Lateral color correction, which gives one type of color fringing, may also be done.)

Jim Kasson (a sometimes-moderator and regular participant at various times in the medium format, Nikon, and Sony forums) has shown pretty well that very few camera 'raw' files are truly raw, and the real question is how much and what type of processing has occurred. The most infamous current cooking of 'raw' files is noise reduction applied to Canon R-series 'raw' files, although in the past other companies have done similar things. Other processing includes, but is not limited to, substituting and interpolating to fill PDAF pixels. So although pretty much any 'raw' is much less cooked than a JPEG, it's rarely actually raw, and the question is what and how much has been done.

Do you have any links about Canon R raw in-camera noise reduction ready to hand?

I certainly see plenty of noise in R5 high-ISO raws, so apparently Canon doesn't get too carried away. (I imagine, perhaps incorrectly, that the camera can't do AI noise reduction. It's far from instantaneous in a real PC, IMHO.)

I might be able to find some links by searching the forums, but apparently my skill in getting good results from the forum's search engine is poor. I sometimes resort to Google instead (requiring dpreview in the search).

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