How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

Started Aug 7, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: Only one possibility

I sort of understood that to be the case, but I hadn't fully realised that ALL of these processes are being done by the computer.

When editing RAW photos with lens correction, it's ON by default in Pixelmator. There is no control to switch it off. But that's only the case if you had it ON in the camera. That's what led me to believe the camera was doing that. Instead, I guess it must be simply flagged as ON in the RAW data so that Pixelmator/Mac can redo it.

Just to be clear, you are saying this applies to ALL processes? I can completely ignore White Balance in the camera because I am processing it myself in RAW editing? This would be useful to me because on the Lumix I can assign the WB button to a more useful function.

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