How do I processing RAW images in the same way my camera processes JPEGs?

Started Aug 7, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: Only one possibility

This is interesting. I was under the impression that many of these processes would be deterministic, but you are saying that there is a degree of interpretation involved.

For example, I had thought that when I set lens correction to ON in the camera, that I am relying on the camera to distort (or undistort) the image. And that is true for the in-camera JPEG. But I have just found a switch in RAW Power, 'Apple Lens Correction', and it comes on by default when viewing a RAW file ... and I guess that is using a different process to do lens correction.

The original issue appears to be about mapping the gamut of the RAW image to the wide gamut of my MacBook's screen. I am effectively using Apple's RAW processes, as that is what both the application RAW Power and Pixelmator Pro rely upon.

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