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Some more reading

Malling wrote:

If you can wait then wait especially if your not budget constraint.

There has been rather heavy rumours of Sony updating the GM85 in a 1.2 version set for the fall, on top there is also rumours of both Sigma 105mm 1.4 as well as a new Sony 100mm probably also 1.4 GM.

Only if you know your budget doesn’t allow GM or need it now would I consider getting a 85mm lens.

I already see loads of second hand GM85 and GM100 of those reasons the last few months. Several resellers have also strongly hinted at something going to happen soon.

In regards to lenses currently available you have


Pros: Beautiful rendering and best bokeh of the 85mm lenses in the system, the picture requires less work because of how it renders
Negative: The AF is of older design, so it’s noticeable less fast, cannot do high fps. is less precise and sticky compared to latest generation of lenses. The lens isn’t the sharpest but mostly something you might find a problem on high resolution cameras if your into high detail.

Sigma 85/1.4 DG DN ART

Pros: Sharpest of all 85mm, relative lightweight and compact.

Negative: It has noticeable distortion, it’s bokeh and overall rendering isn’t nearly as pleasant as the GM85 or even the SY 85. Uses a Stepper motor so it’s slow and doesn’t do high fps.

Samyang 85/1.4 G. ii

pros: Affordable, lightweight, offer the best best balance of rendering, bokeh and sharpness so falls in between the Sigma and GM.
negative: It’s not licensed lens so you need a separate lens station to update and fine tune it with, build quality is lower then most of the other choices, it uses a stepper motor so it’s not exactly speedy, flare is badly handled.

Sony FE85/1.8

pros: lightweight, travel friendly lens and affordable, relatively good AF.

negative: worst rendering and bokeh of all the 85, noticeable aberration problems. Slower then the others.

Batis 85/1.8

pros: relatively lightweight, travel friendly lens, flare

negative: Poor value for money, rendering and bokeh not much better then the FE85/1.8


Resolution comparison from the above source:

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